EatFit™ Inc.

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Keeping you Fit, Motivated, Confident, and in Control..
With REAL, Healthy Food!

Welcome to EatFit™ where being lean, losing weight, maximizing performance and feeling alive has never been easier and more exciting!

•  With EatFit™ you will never feel hungry. In fact, you will eat the same amount of food (if not more!), and lose weight by eating REAL food.

•  EatFit™ facilitates a lifestyle change to enable you to take control of your body, increase your energy, your health and your self-confidence!

•  EatFit™ is a lifestyle, not a diet, using a systematic and healthy approach to change eating habits for life.

•  EatFit™ excels at sports nutrition for maximizing performance. Performance nutrition (aka fuel) is the most often overlooked element in an athlete’s training regiment. Athletes seek out EatFit™ for custom plans tailored to type of sport, goals, and food preferences.

You will look and feel your best ever by developing a long term eating strategy and a meal plan that works best for you. What’s more is that by changing your relationship with food, you will not only lose weight, but MAINTAIN it, and be healthier than ever.

EatFit™ Services

  • One on one coaching
  • Sports and athlete’s nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Custom meal plans
  • Menu and recipe nutritional analyses
  • Customized shopping lists (including Fresh Direct)
  • List of healthiest lunch spots in your neighborhood
  • Portion size reference guides
  • Farmers’ markets maps and step by step tours
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • General and specialized nutrition concerns