Feeling fit, healthy, energetic, and in control is a reflection of how you take care of your body. How you fuel your body equates to the quality of life that you lead.

The fundamental concept of EatFit™ is to facilitate a lifestyle change by increasing awareness and knowledge of food and nutrient intake, and drawing the link between food and fuel.

Through one on one coaching, EatFit™ provides guidance, motivation and a structured plan to take control of your health and lifestyle, and maintain your ideal weight for life.

•    Eat REAL food
•    View food as fuel for optimum performance
•    Get proper nourishment in the right proportions, based on your body’s needs.
•    Lose the right kind of weight

EatFit™ is committed to change your lifelong relationship with food. Each EatFit™ program is an individually tailored, long term eating strategy, where you eat healthy foods that you enjoy, and also discover amazing new foods. Best of all, you never feel hungry or deprived. You lose the right kind of weight, which means that you lose fat weight, not muscle weight, to get the desired lean and fit physique. As you lose the ‘right’ kind of weight, you also learn how to manage cholesterol, blood pressure, and prevent diseases such as diabetes, and heart disease. You begin to look at food as fuel and as your ally, and realize that you can still eat many of your favorite foods, but learn how they fit into your plan. Over time the program becomes your lifestyle, and maintaining your ideal weight becomes second nature to you.

Kasia’s Bio

Kasia is an ACE certified nutritionist who is passionate about eating the right foods for optimum health, fitness, and energy. Her consulting practice, EatFit, provides services such as nutritional education, long term eating strategies, exercise programs, and personal coaching.

Prior to founding EatFit, Kasia was a Vice President at a top tier global investment bank, and spent thirteen years in the public accounting and banking sectors. Nutrition and fitness became key concepts to Kasia as she saw the link between nutrition and performance, and how eating the right foods had a profound effect on her energy level and productivity. Her passion and dedication to nutrition and fitness drove her co-workers to seek her informal advice. It was not unusual for Kasia to put together meal suggestions for her friends and co-workers after a long day in the office. Recognizing her passion for eating “fit”, and for leading a positive and energetic life, Kasia followed her dreams and founded EatFit.

Kasia always had a healthy relationship with food. This was cultivated by her Eastern European upbringing, and with both parents being in the medical profession. Throughout her life, Kasia was exposed to a variety of cultures as she lived in places like Bermuda, Canada, Poland, France, Germany, and even Libya! These experiences provided her with a deep appreciation of different cultures, and a vast knowledge of the unique philosophies on food and nutrition.

After a thirteen year career in the corporate world, she sympathizes with the hectic lifestyle of New Yorkers, and the challenge to make time in their busy schedule to be healthy. Kasia guides, inspires and motivates her clients and is committed to get them lean, healthy, energetic, mentally alert, and in the best shape they ever imagined!