How To Make Almond Flour

1. Buy a bag of blanched Marcona almonds. (My favorite place to purchase them is on

2. With a chopping knife, slice into smaller pieces.

3. Put the pieces in a food processor. Pulse until ground as small as possible.

4. Pour into a bowl and measure 1/2 cup into a blender, just enough to cover the blades.

5. Push the lowest button and blend for ten seconds.

6. With a knife, stir them from the buttom and shake them around.

7. Blend for another ten seconds and pour into a bowl. Repeat for the rest of the almonds until all are blended.

8. Store in airtight container in refrigerator or freezer.

Almond flour is a heart healthy, low carb substitute for regular flour. I’ll be testing it on many baked goods and posting the recipes as long as they taste good!

Banana bread

Coming soon.

Baked grapefruit

Coming soon.